Tips For Preventing Tarnish On Sterling Silver Jewellery Gift

March 3, 2017 Nicla Pirozzi 0

There is little doubt that Sterling Silver jewellery gift is one of the most classic and beautiful types of jewellery. The beauty of such types of jewellery is that it can be both exotic and simple in equal measure. As beautiful and attractive as they are, Sterling Silver jewellery can also develop a few tarnishes and corrosion. This often happens when the jewellery remains in the jewellery box and is not worn for a prolonged period of time. It is important to gain a better understanding of the factors that make such types of jewellery to tarnish or suffer the effects of corrosion, before identifying the best ways of preventing such occurrences. Go here for more information about gold merchants

First, tarnish is the result of too much moisture near the jewellery. Hand stamped jewellery could suffer the same fate if exposed to too much moisture for an extended period. The presence of copper, which is in the 7.5% alloy, attracts moisture that could tarnish or corrode the precious jewellery. Any other metal used in the makeup of the 7.5% alloy could alsomake the conditions apt for corrosion and tarnish to occur. High levels of humidity as well as air pollution could have the same effect on such jewellery. Contact with any type of chemicals such as perfumes, lotions, deodorant, bleaches and hairsprays could also cause tarnish and corrosion. 

Therefore, find a good container for storing the jewellery to avoid their exposure to moisture, air pollution and high humidity. This is crucial for any type of jewellery that shall remain unworn for an extended period of time. Zipped plastic bags would be a good choice to prevent tarnishing and corroding the jewellery. When storing the jewellery insuch bags, remove any air that could be inside the bag first. Fortunately, such bags can also be ordered when buying Sterling Silver Jewellery online. Ensure that the bag used in storing the jewellery is free of abrasive surfaces, which include polyethylene and Mylar to mention but a few. 

Look for specialized jewellery bags and use them to store the Sterling Silver jewellery. These bags are available online or at the local jewellery stores. Some of the bags are specifically designed for the storage of Sterling Silver jewellery. The place where the bags containing Sterling Silver jewellery are to be stored is also very important. Jewellery should always be kept far away from any hint of exposure to sunlight. Choose a cool and dry location for the bags. Avoid storing the bags or jewellery where the possibility of being scratched is very high. Avoid keeping the jewellery on surfaces that regular undergo chemical treatment. 

Finally, the best way to avoid tarnishing or corroding the jewellery is to store it in the best container. Choose the right location for the jewellery bags as well.Alternatively, look for certain products that could help keep the jewellery untarnished and safe from corrosion. Placing a piece of chalk in the bag that contains the Sterling Silver jewellery is an excellent way of removing all the moisture and other chemical residues that could cause tarnishing and corrosion. Look for anti-tarnish strips as well as silica packs and anti-tarnish clothes and use them appropriately to eliminate the possibility of tarnishing or corroding the jewellery.